Schloss Burgau


The main building of Burgau Castle has an eventful past. Having been originally built at the start of the 14th century by the Counts von Heinsberg and assigned to the fiefdom of Wilhelm von Burgau, the picturesque moated castle has since had quite a makeover. It was destroyed in 1944 and lay in ruins until 1975. Ever since it was rebuilt in 1998, Burgau Castle has been a shining star in the town of Düren once more. The hallmark of Burgau Castle is the bay window that dates back to 1551 (a donation from a happily married couple) and is the main feature of the castle’s southern tower. The outer bailey, built during the French period, is now home to the Niederau Local Group and the ballroom/concert hall is available to the people of Düren.

Events/guided tours:
Exhibitions are hosted in the castle on a regular basis and there is no entry fee to visit them.
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Schloss Burgau
Von-Aue-Straße 1
52355 Düren-Niederau
Phone: (0049) 2421 2231937

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