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Lively, open, in the thick of it. The motto of the city of Düren is not just an empty phrase. As a shopping and cultural centre, our city offers lively markets and an inviting choice of dining options. In the middle of it all is Düren as a centre of industry and crafts. This colourful and open city has become home to many people from all over the world and always extend a warm welcome to all visitors.

A visit to Düren is more than worthwhile. The marketplace is a top spot to visit, surrounded by a wide selection of quality retailers. In addition to the weekly market (every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday), there are plenty of places to stop for a tasty bite to eat. All the shopping outlets are all within close proximity. In the middle are the speciality shops right next to the large department stores and the "StadtCenter", Düren shopping centre with more than 50 shops. If you need a rest, you’re never far away from a public square, park or restaurant. In addition to the weekly market, the May, Autumn, Geranium and Beer markets also offer a special shopping experience.

The centre of the city is easily accessible by bus and train, and there are plenty of places to park in the car parks. If you are planning your trip more in advance, you can book a city tour. There are lots of aspects to choose from, whether it’s stories about the Annakirche, the green belt as a walk-in encyclopaedia of architecture or the 1950s.

It is always the right time for a visit at any time of year, even when it is raining. Düren has a great many cultural sights and programmes worth visiting. Take a look at the exhibitions in the Leopold Hoesch Museum with its collection of works on expressionism and classic modernism. Or learn more about the history of Düren in the City Museum. The Paper Museum also has displays on the use of the material in art and culture, in addition to the manufacture of paper in Düren. The Paper Museum has been undergoing extension work since 2016 and is therefore closed. It will open its doors again in the spring of 2018.

Why not visit the city today and then take in a show at the Haus der Stadt. The Düren Theatre enjoys does not just entertain residents with its plays, operas and musicals. The concerts put on by the music school, the Cappella Villa Duria and many other artists are another distinctive note in the city’s multi-faceted cultural programme. Visitors can enjoy cabaret theatre in the Komm-Zentrum, as well as concerts held in the idyllic Burgau castle.

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