Allgemeine Stadtführung durch Düren


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Join us on a guided tour of Düren to find out all kinds of fascinating information about our town’s main attractions. Within the ruins of the old town wall, our tour will take you to all of the key historical sites and attractions, including St. Anne’s Church, the Town Hall and the Leopold Hoesch Museum. Plus, you will learn all about the prominent historical figures that helped make our town what it is today. This guided walking tour never fails to impress with its surprising perspectives, exciting anecdotes and wealth of information about Düren. This is your chance to see our town from a whole new angle.
Be charmed by days gone by in a town with strong ties to the 1950s and the paper industry. A town that beautifully blends the old and new, with a reputation for turning the cards fate deals it into new opportunities.

Group tours can be booked in our tourist information office.

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Markt 6
52349 Düren
Phone: (0049) 2421 252525

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